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Atlanta Poker Club LogoSeason 51 is from November 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021. Time to take a look and check your eligibility for the Major Tournaments playing in March! There is still time to qualify! One win could put you into the Top 10!

It is also time to take a look at the Leaderboard in case your name has been misspelled. Easy to find mistakes and have them corrected! Just go to the ATLANTA POKER CLUB LEADERBOARD:

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Type your name in SEARCH! It will hopefully bring up any variations on your name. Points in the different name spellings can knock you out of Major Events and needs to be corrected. Just post in comments at bottom of this blog.


APC VENUE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Qualifying – Season 51 – Playing 3/1 – 7

APC $1,715 GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP – Season 51 – Qualifying – Scheduled when Guidelines Permit

APC $500 ALLSTARS TOURNAMENT – Season 51 – Qualifying – Plays in March

APC $200 POT LIMIT OMAHA INVITATIONAL – Season 51 – Qualifying – Plays in March

APC $500 DEALER APPRECIATION TOURNAMENT – Season 51 – Qualifying – Plays in March

The $777 Monthly has a SEPARATE LEADERBOARD for that specific month. To qualify, you must be Top 60 in Points, or Top Player at any Venue at the end of the month, or you can also win an Automatic Entry to qualify!

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