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Silver Coin Card GuardSeason 54 2022 ended with the Venue Championship at every qualified venue. These Championships took place the first week in March! We want to CONGRATULATE all the winners! Shows consistently good play over an entire Season (four months)!

If a venue played more than one night (provided each night qualified by playing 6 times and was currently playing) the Top 10 from each qualified night listed on the leaderboard played against each other for the title of Venue Champion! There is only one Venue Champion at each venue!

The Silver Coin was awarded to the Points Champion for each qualified night the venue played, and the winner of the Venue Championship received a Silver Coin. There were NO alternates. The Top 10 only from each night played.

There was also a regular game at each venue on Championship night and players earned points for the New Season!!!!!!

Here are your Silver Coin Winners:

APC Online – Terri Cira – Points Champion
Terri Cira – Venue Champion

Bench Warmers/Monday – Bill Trinkle – Points Champion
Bench Warmers/Wednesday – Costa Shaver – Points Champion
Bench Warmers/Thursday – Suicide King – Points Champion
Costa Shaver – Venue Champion

Brucey’s Sports Bar/Thursday – Datanyen Richburg – Points Champion
Brucey’s Sports Bar/Saturday – Jana French – Points Champion
Brucey’s Sports Bar/Sunday – Eric Harris – Points Champion
Whitney Patterson – Venue Champion

Coach’s Corner/Tuesday – David Goodson – Points Champion
Coach’s Corner/Friday – Game 1 – Emily Hamlyn – Points Champion
Coach’s Corner/Friday – Game 2 – Victor Holland – Points Champion
Coach’s Corner/Saturday – Game 1 – Alan Lowe – Points Champion
Coach’s Corner/Saturday – Game 2 – PLO – Joe Rotella – Points Champion
Darryl Crawford – Venue Champion

Dillon’s Sports Bar/Monday – Chuck Mynard – Points Champion
Dillon’s Sports Bar/Tuesday – PLO – Adrian Marta – Points Champion
Dillon’s Sports Bar/Wednesday – Game 1 – Tom Waggoner – Points Champion
Dillon’s Sports Bar/Wednesday – Game 2 – Aimee Kargen – Points Champion
Dillon’s Sports Bar/Thursday – The Beast – Points Champion
Dillon’s Sports Bar/Sunday – Loch Ness – Points Champion
Adrian Marta – Venue Champion

Gino’s Blind Tiger/Tuesday – Rob G – Points Champion
Gino’s Blind Tiger/Wednesday – Cameron Lane – Points Champion
Gino’s Blind Tiger/Friday – Adonus Harrell – Points Champion
Gino’s Blind Tiger/Saturday – Karen Buerki – Points Champion
Kelsey Waterworth – Venue Champion

Gino’s Blind Tiger/Thursday – PLO – Fidel Sosa – Points Champion
Gino’s Blind Tiger/Sunday – PLO – William Farley – Points Champion
Fidel Sosa – Venue Championship

Keegan’s Public House/Tuesday – Victor Holland – Points Champion
Keegan’s Public House/Wednesday – BG – Points Champion
Keegan’s Public House/Saturday – Tyler Armstrong – Points Champion
Keegan’s Public House/Sunday – Lex Helton – Points Champion
Parker Blalock – Venue Champion

Moonshiners Bar & Grill Grayson/Monday – Jana French – Points Champion
Moonshiners Bar & Grill Grayson/Friday – Jason Foore – Points Champion
Moonshiners Bar & Grill Grayson/Sunday – Michael Bundschu – Points Champion
John Davis – Venue Champion

Moonshiners Bar & Grill Braselton/Monday – Todd Brown – Points Champion
Moonshiners Bar & Grill Braselton/Sunday – Sammy Wall – Points Champion
Lynnwood Poff – Venue Champion

Speakeasy at Latin Flavors Steakhouse/Wednesday – Liz Brown – Points Champion
Vish Patel – Venue Champion

Sportsline/Monday – Eric D – Points Champion
Sportsline/Tuesday – Tia – Points Champion
Sportsline/Wednesday – Joe Avino – Points Champion
Sportsline/Thursday – Larysa Aristizabal – Points Champion
Sportsline/Friday – Jimin Lee – Points Champion
Sportsline/Saturday – Romero Kinard – Points Champion
Biz – Venue Champion

Sportsline/Sunday – PLO – Karen Brooks – Points Champion
Jim Johnson – Venue Championship

Thirsty Turtle/Wednesday – Nick Russo – Points Champion
Thirsty Turtle/Sunday – Mike Worthy – Points Champion
Nick Russo – Venue Champion

Tin Roof Cantina/Saturday – Stacy Reeves – Points Champion
Tin Roof Cantina/Sunday – Gordon Mathias – Points Champion
ArmageddonQ – Venue Champion

Vintage Billiards/Thursday – Tony Hitchcock – Points Champion
Vintage Billiards/Friday – Tony Hitchcock – Points Champion
Vintage Billiards/Sunday – Cindy Solis – Points Champion
Don Chessher – Venue Champion

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