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To Atlanta Poker Club family and friends, welcome back! We’ve missed you!

We are back!

These are our current guidelines and hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

Precautions and Guidelines

We ask all players to follow these guidelines for the safety of all.

If you are sick, have a fever, have a cough please stay home until you are 100% symptom free for 14 days. No exceptions.

Temperature will be taken prior to allowing registration via touchless thermometers. ONLY then will you be allowed to sign the registration form. Players with a temperature over 100.4 will be asked to not play and to leave immediately. In the event that you ‘run hot’ as a person, call the office and get us some sort of doctor note of this condition if this is the case (sincerely) and we will work with you.

EFFECTIVE 6/19: We will sit 8-handed just to give a bit more distance between everyone and will adjust that as time progresses.

Tables will be six feet apart or more.

Masks are optional.

Multiple hand sanitizers will be available at every game.

We will clean and sanitize the equipment regularly.

There may be limits on total numbers of players that vary by venue – Check the venue page on the website for specific details and thank you for understanding that the games may fill up and you may not get to play if so. Please be patient through this process.  We are taking a cautious approach and will adjust as guidelines change. Alternates will be used.

Play at your own risk. We know that some of you may not be comfortable returning at this time. We understand and look forward to seeing you when you are ready!

Restart Schedule

We restarted on June 5th. We will be playing at:

  • APC Online on Sunday
  • Brucey’s on Thursday and Saturday
  • Benchwarmers on Monday and Thursday
  • Dillons on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday Game 1 and Game 2
  • Keegan’s on Tuesday
  • Moonshiners Braselton on Sunday and Monday
  • Moonshiners Grayson on Sunday, Monday and Friday
  • Sportsline on Sunday through Saturday
  • Thirsty Turtle on Sunday and Wednesday
  • Vintage Billiards on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

*Each Venue has a different limit and these are temporary and subject to change*

This will be a fluid restart for us as some venues are more apt to want to bring the crowds of poker back sooner than others. Please keep an eye out the website for our current schedule and we will be announcing things on our Facebook group as well.

Points – Seasons – League Info

We are combining this season (March – June) with the following season that runs from July – October.

At this point, we had only played 16 days worth of events before we shut down (on St. Pattys day). This season would normally end at the end of June, however it made more sense to combine it with the following season. That way those players who earned points so far this season are not completely going to waste due to the shut-down. Additionally we will be restarting with fewer weekly games than when we shut down as some venues will start sooner than others.


The players who qualified in March’s Monthly will play in the same monthly as the players who qualify in June. Since we are back on a very limited level the monthly prize will remain the same as in reality we will have the same number (or less) of games to contribute to the prizes over the month and a half. We expect July’s monthly to go back to normal.

Special Events

These events will be scheduled ASAP, likely within 4-5 weeks depending on gathering guidelines.

TDA Rules for our Guidelines Going Forward of Tourney Play

During our longest downtime in 16 years of operation we took the time to make some league improvements. Most notably and to the cheers of our TD’s, we have adopted the TDA guidelines instead of Roberts Rules for our underlying game play rules.

We made a few APC specific modifications to the details of some rules to more align with what we are trying to accomplish with our player friendly approach. From a players perspective there is not a whole lot different to know except that you can be moved into the small blind and button position when moving tables. We will re-seat and re-deal for the button at the final table only.

Welcome back APC!

We understand not all players are comfortable playing poker. We encourage all players to only come and play if you are comfortable, willing and want to do so. If anyone wants to stay home, please do so and the APC will be here when you are ready. We thank you all for your support in these most trying times.

We look forward to seeing you at the tables soon! Please keep up with the weekly schedule as venues will be adding games and re-starting as things get back to normal.

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