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Hey APC’ers!

We are excited to announce that we have moved to a big blind ante for any of our events that utilize ante’s. Today this means that our seasonal Grand Championship tournament will implement the big blind ante format.

A big blind ante structure is where the big blind pays a larger ante instead of all players paying a smaller ante every hand. Whenever you are the big blind you will pay the big blind AND an ante.

We are making this move for a few reasons.

  • Easier on Dealers
  • Easier on Players
  • Similar changes happening at major casino events like the WSOP [source

With this change, there are a few noteworthy measures we think are worth mentioning.

  • Remember that when you are the big blind, you are only in for your big blind amount. The ante’s do not affect the amount you have to call if there is a raise before you.
  • *The Big Blind Ante will be reduced to the amount of the small blind when six (6) handed or less.
  • *Players will pay the big blind first, then the ante.

The first Grand Championship to utilize the Big Blind Ante format was the event on March 24th, 2019.

Here is the structure:

*These statements were added for clarity on 3/20/2019


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