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KC Cox Winner PLO Invitational

The Season 49 $200 PLO Tournament was held on Sunday, August 2,2020 at Sportsline Bar & Grill in Lawrenceville.

47 players qualified and 19 played.

You qualified for the APC PLO Invitational by being:

  • *Top 8 in any individual PLO venue points race for the season

The PLO Champion received a $200 prize and an APC silver coin.

The Top 8:
8. Enid Klapper
7. Randy Smith
6. Jay Klapper
5. Redz
4. Sherry Tzimourtas
3. Burt Flemm
2. Mosby J

and the Pot Limit Omaha Invitational Winner – Season 49 – is KC COX!

CONGRATULATIONS to KC COX and to all the qualifiers!

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