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Congratulations Blair Lewellyn! Out of the 403 players that qualified, 180 came to play! The APC $1,715 Grand Championship was held on Sunday, March 12, 2017 at the American Legion in Duluth.

To qualify for the Season Grand Championship you had to finish:

  • Top 50 in overall points for the season
  • Top 10 in any individual venue points race for the season

The final table:
10. Perry Darley
9. Greg Ward
8. Bill Jackson
7. Ebony Jordan
6. Jim Riles
5. Dominic Sellitti
4. Bob Puckett
3. Travis Hart
2. Chip Hardeman

and the Grand Champion – BLAIR LEWELLYN!

The Grand Champion received a $550 WSOP Package + $150 travel + 6 Month V.I.P. Membership $99 + Rectangular APC Silver Coin

  • 2nd Place Wins $365 WSOP seat + $75 travel
  • 3rd Place Wins $250
  • 4th – $150
  • 5th – $50
  • 6th- 10th – APC Gear



How long have you played with the APC?
I've been playing with the APC for a little over a year.

How did it feel to win the Grand Championship?
It is always great winning a tournament, but when the quality of play is at a higher level than most free poker it makes it an accomplishment.

Have you played in WSOP and/or WPT events, and if so, what is your strategy that may differ from your play at the APC?
I have played in a couple WSOP Circuit Events. Nothing too big, but I've done well and learned something every time I play in an Event. I play differently every time I play depending on how others play, and I never limit myself to playing one way.

What is your advice for new players?
My advice to new players is for them to ask themselves if they are playing for fun. If so, have fun and use the game as a new way of meeting people and being social and make new friends. You will meet wonderful and diverse people at a poker table. if you use poker as a way to stimulate your mind, then I would say be aware of everything you do and say and have focus and pay attention to what's going on. Poker can teach a plethora of tools that you can use in everyday life. Also poker can help with math skills, stats, etc. I would also say learn other games besides Texas Hold'em. Learning other games will make you a better player.

What do you think of your APC experience as a whole?
I'm honored to play in the APC mostly because of all the wonderfully diverse people I've met and had conversations with. I'm also thankful for everything APC does for their players and the special events they put on. I don't say much when I play, but I'm honored to have met so many polite, funny, and just good people who try to represent the APC as best they can.

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