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The Season 35 Summer 2015 $500 AllStars Tournament was held on Saturday, August 15 at Gino’s Blind Tiger in Atlanta. To qualify for the prestigious AllStars Tournament you needed to be 1st or 2nd in points at any qualified venue at the end of the season, Friday, July 31st.

102 players qualified and 65 players made the trip to Atlanta. It was tough competition!

The Top 10:
10. Jeff Wells
9. Ralph Jeanty
8. Katrina Britt
7. Steve Hammond
6. Barry Johnson
5. Pete Buchas
4. Steve Pavlichek
3. Alex Delaney
2. Deborah Strawn

and the AllStars Champion – Season 35 Summer 2015 – JIM BURNS!

CONGRATULATIONS to JIM BURNS and to all the AllStars!

Prizes won:

  • 1st Place won AllStars Trophy + $250 + APC Engraved Silver Coin + Gear
  • 2nd Place won $150 + APC Gear
  • 3rd Place won $100 + APC Gear
  • 4th – 10th Place won APC Gear
  • All qualifiers received a custom APC AllStars Chip

How long have you played with the APC?
I started in May of 2006 at Dos Copas. It is getting close to 10 years now.

How much have you been playing lately?
I play three times per week plus special events.

Who is your favorite professional poker player?
I think I replied Daniel Negreanu when I saw this question after winning the Grand Championship in 2007. I would say that now I have no favorite much like I have no favorite hand. Such things make me more predictable than I already am.

What are your other goals in the APC?
I want to win every tournament I am entered in. It won't happen but I am never in a game I think I can't win. I look at the APC as a springboard for casino poker. My casino success has been very limited but getting deep in a casino tournament would please me greatly. I am also trying to be the best dealer I can be. I feel that good players appreciate a consistent, knowledgeable, non-biased, and speedy dealer.

Any advice for new players?
Vary your play. Ask others about their play. Most are willing to talk your ear off. Get to know your opponents. It is a social game. Smile when you win and when you lose. Don't play with the button. Pay attention to the game even when you are not in a hand.

How has your game changed over the years?
While I wouldn't give specifics about how I have changed my play it should be noted that I have scored points in 800 regular nightly events and I must have entered well over 1000 events. That alone will change your play and give you a sense that you have seen it all. You learn that hot streaks do not last forever. Cold decks can get you at anytime. Aggressive opponents are susceptible to clever and patient play.

How did it feel to win the prestigious AllStars Tournament?
Winning the AllStars Tournament is something I have tried to do since its inception. I see I have 10 AllStars chips in my collection and I know I missed attending some I qualified for. Players who finish first or second in a venue points race bring significant skills to the AllStars tables making me very proud to be an AllStars Champion.

Have you played in any WSOP or WPT Events? If so, how did you place?I was fortunate enough to win the Grand Championship for Season 11 for which I received a $550 entry in a WPT event in Tunica. It was my first casino event but because of my APC experience I felt very comfortable with the format and the play. I do not remember how far I got but I was well away from cashing. I was also fortunate to win one of the Quad 4 Tournaments in 2008 and received a $1500 seat in Event 49 in the WSOP in Vegas. There were 2700 entries with about 270 getting paid. I got to about 380. AK beat by A8.

What do you think of your APC experience as a whole?
Glad you asked. I like the goal of offering a casino-like poker experience in the bar poker setting. This club has been a social center for myself and my wife. My wife, Roseann, played poker with us for several years but decided it was not how she wanted to spend her time. It is not everyone's cup of tea. We have always been very pleased with the APC employees and owners. Jason and Erin have always been very quick to address any concerns we have had over the years. Thanks to the other players, who over the years have taught me well. I forgive those who cussed me out when the river went my way and apologize if I behaved poorly on the flip side.

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