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Tournament of ChampionsThis was the Fifth Annual Tournament of Champions, which was Champions against Champions!

The Tournament Of Champions was held at the American Legion on Saturday, January 16th, and featured our APC TV table.

To qualify, you had to hold one of the following APC titles:

Season Points Champion
Season Grand Champion
Season AllStars Champion
Yearly Points Champion
Yearly Tournament Champion
Main Event Champion
Yearly TOC Champion

Prizes Won:

The winner received $125 and the Atlanta Poker Club TOC Championship Bracelet, a one of a kind award given only to the TOC Champion. The winner also has their name engraved on the TOC Champions plaque which hangs at the APC headquarters and will also be on display at special events to showcase the greatest players in APC history!
2nd Place – $100
3rd Place – $75
4th Place – $50

94 Players qualified and 54 came to play.

Top 10:
10. Rob Smith
9. Mike McCarty
8. Michael Brown
7. Darnez Howard
6. Rob Black
5. KingAnything999
4. Ladd Gunter
3. Billy McDaniel
2. Greg Mackey



You've won the $999 Grand Championship Season 31 Winter 2014, and the $500 AllStars Tournament Season 29 Summer 2013, and how did it feel to win the Tournament of Champions?

It felt incredible to win the TOC. It was a tournament that I really wanted to win, so I am very happy about accomplishing that goal.

How long have you played with the APC?
I have played with the APC since the spring of 2011.

How has your play changed over the years?
My play has changed drastically over the past few years. I'm more confident, I have a better understanding of poker fundamentals like math, position, and reading opponents. I have also improved in a few mental aspects like not going on tilt and stack envy and learning from mistakes.

You've moved away from Atlanta and close to casinos. How often do you play in the casinos?
On average I play in casinos about 3 or 4 times each month.

How does your play change when you are in the casino events?
In the casino, I don't drink. I'm more focused, I play a lot tighter and more aggressive. No limping in out of position with marginal hands.

What is your advice for new players?
Play fewer hands (folding is good). Pay attention to the action when not in the hand. Find a veteran APCer who consistently plays well and pick his or her brain.

What goals do you have left in the APC?
My final APC goal would be to win the $10,000 Main Event for a WSOP main event seat.

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