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The APC $10,000 Main Event Invitation Only Tournament took place on Saturday, June 2nd and Sunday, June 3rd. This event was a 2-Day Tournament, and gave away a $10,000 Seat into the World Series of Poker Event in Las Vegas!

To qualify you had to be a 1-year VIP Card Holder, and 201 players came out to play in the Main Event. The Grand Palais Banquet Hall in Lawrenceville was the perfect location to have such a large tournament!

Top 10:
10. Richie Krawiec
9. Robert Pinney
8. Eric Harris
7. Janet Mizoguchi
6. Rex Garmany
5. David Vining
4. Maci
3. Bart Bason

2. Louis George

and your winner –


Nancy will play in the $10,000 Main Event in the World Series of Poker 2018 and has $1,000 in travel expenses! We all wish Nancy the best of luck! May she have the time of her life and may all her hands hold up! Good luck, Nancy!


How did it feel to win the $10,000 Main Event?
Incredible feeling! Anyone at that table could have won. I was fortunate to have enough chips and bad cards at the beginning, to be able to sit back and wait.

What was your impression of the APC $10,000 Main Event?
APC puts on a great poker experience and really motivates you to play. I hope everyone plans on playing next year.

How did you feel during the tournament at different levels?
My goal that weekend was to make it to Day 2 and bag chips for the first time. Last year was my first time playing in it and I went out around the dinner break on Day 1.
This year I took the weekend off. I didn't want to deal because I wanted to focus on playing. I treated this like a trip to Cherokee. It's been 3-4 years since I've played up there because I'm usually in Florida visiting my Mom during WSOP events.
Day 2, I was really tired and didn't get much sleep the night before. I work very early mornings on weekends and my body didn't adjust. I just focused on making the best decisions and not to waste chips. When it got down to 4 tables, I wanted to make it to 2 tables.
It seemed like we got down to the final table pretty quickly. That's when I realized I had a good stack and could pick my spots.

What style would describe your game?
Most people call me a NIT. In all the sports I've played, I've been a defensive person. So that's my natural tendency.

How long have you played Texas Hold'em?
6 years

How long have you played with the APC?
2-3 years

How have you changed your game over the years?
A little this past year.

Do you continue to study the game?

Have you ever played in a WSOP circuit event other than your first $10,000 WSOP experience?
Yes, but it's been many years. My very first one was a ladies tournament that had a field of 82. Paid 9 spots. Made it to final table with the shortest stack. One lady did something foolish and when I was about to be blinded out, so I finished 9th.

On a personal note, how long have you lived in Atlanta?
I've moved to Atlanta from Chicago in 1983 to work for Ted Turner.

Who are your favorite professional players
There are many I like to watch because of their styles, but I don't have a specific one. I don't have a favorite hand either.

When are you leaving for Vegas and do you know the day you being play?
Sherry Cronan and I are leaving Monday, July 2nd. Playing on Wed, July 4th, Day 1C.
Sallie and TJ gave me some helpful information. Thanks!

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