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Cards FlyingAPC Dealers qualify by dealing 35 hours during the season!

Qualifying April 1 through July 31!

Season 35 Summer 2015 $500 Dealer Appreciation Tournament will be held on Sunday, August 23!
TIME: Sign-up at Noon and Cards Fly at 1:00 p.m.

(Dealers must be in good standing – no suspensions or infractions – in order to qualify!)

Below is a list of the Dealers who have already qualified, and also the Dealers that need more hours. Be sure and tell your Tournament Director that you need the hours!

Adrian Marta
AJ Paulson
Alex Delaney
Angela Pavlichek
Antoine Hughes
Barry Johnson
Bart Bason
Candyce Brown
Chad Kersh
Chris Brooks
Damon Greenwood
Dan Guerrero
Darnez Howard
Darren Townsend
David Stout
Earl Fullerton
Ellie Barker
Frankie Vasser
Geena Jackson
Gil Nowell
Grant Edmonds
Jacky Kwong
Janet Mizoguchi
Jarvis Jones
Jason Hewitt
Jim Burns
Joe Avino
JT Doc
Justice Nared
Katrina Britt
Kay Boast
Kay Johnson
Kaye Wood
Kelly McCoy
Keyser Soze
Kim Smith
Kimberly Brown
Ladd Gunter
Laurie Mayhew
Lee Bryan
Mark Packer
Matt Medlin
Mike Korom
Montez Watson
O Hanshaw
Ralph Jeanty
Shane Field
Stephen Henderson
Stephen R
Steve Pavlichek
Susan Brooks
Tammy Byers
Thomas Clark
Tom Maccree
Travis Hart


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