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APC 2018 Main Event Live Stream

Re-watch the Main Event final table live stream played on the TV table with hole cards visible.

Movie Recap

Kristy made an awesome behind the scenes movie you can watch on facebook of the entire Main Event process from start to finish.

APC Main Event Movie Recap

Photos & Written Recaps

Top 10 Photo of Players - APC Main Event 2018

Radar did a great job of posting photos and providing recaps on Facebook.

Photo Album

After several attempts to create an album and upload all the photos to Facebook, I was unsuccessful, so you can access the photos on the APC SmugMug page.

2018 Main Event Final Table Winner
I’ll continue trying to get these photos posted to the APC Facebook Group.  Stay tuned!

Thanks again!

Thanks again to all the players and staff for making the APC Main Event such a great event.  Thank you and see you next year!