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Hello Atlanta Poker Club!

At the beginning of Season 53 (July 1st), we made a few changes to our events that we wanted to let you know about.

New Max Out = $30
We are increasing the max out from $25 to $30 and we are simplifying how bonus chips work.

Simple Bonus Chip Structure
For every $5 spent with the host Venue, players will get 1000 bonus chips.

The maximum amount of bonus chips is 6000 and that equates to spending $30 at the Venue.

If you want to max out at the beginning of the event then you have committed to spend $30 and will be expected to do so.

Example: If a non-dealing player maxes out at $30, they would receive the 1500 starting stack – plus 6000 bonus chips – for a starting stack of 7500.

Why the changes? The honest answer is that we need to pay our Tournament Directors a more competitive rate and inflation is a real thing. As you know, costs are going up everywhere.

From a Tournament Operation side, we wanted to make sure the events finished at close to the current ending time. Neither the TD’s nor the players want to be out later than our events run now. We wanted total max out chip amounts to be similar to what the APC gets today.

We thank you for understanding and your support of the APC!

We will see you all at the tables!

Spry, Brad, and Erin

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