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Join us daily at ACR

To help keep our club playing poker together during these trying times we are organizing some “unofficial APC online games” on Americas Cardroom.

It’s two tourneys per day.

The APC Daily Dose – $2+.20 entry and one re-entry available! 

Cards fly at 2:00 pm and 7:30PM every day.

All passwords are:  apc123

There will be one re-entry allowed per game.

To play, please use this link to join Americas Cardroom and create your account. 

To play > Login > Tourney > Private > Micro > APC Daily Dose – the password is “apc123”.

We will not be keeping points for these games on the official APC leaderboards as not to influence existing rankings. We did not want these games to skew the balance of points and rankings of our official APC Leaderboard during our shutdown.  

However Jim Burns has offered to keep track of points for us on a separate leaderboard and Holly Stewart has offered a very cool prize for the points winner. We will have a link to the leaderboard once it is set up with final details.

You credit cards will probably work for deposits, but if not you might want to reference this guide to online poker and bitcoin which gives a detailed how to get started guide and how to get your first bitcoin fast and easy.  

As always do not deposit more than you can afford to lose! 

Good luck out there and we will see you at the (virtual) tables!

Atlanta Poker Club

**the normal APC Online Game (Sunday’s at 8:05pm) will continue – however it’s points will not count for our official leaderboard during our shutdown.

APC Unofficial Leaderboard for the APC Lockdown 2020

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