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Call today at 678-650-8125 to get started! Ask for Erin.

The APC organizes, hosts and promotes Atlanta Poker Club events at venues across metro Atlanta and the surrounding counties. We are a value-added entertainment company providing poker tournament & poker league services to restaurants, bars, and pubs across north Georgia since April 2004. We have a large, loyal and ever-growing member base. We provide 100% non-gambling and 100% legal events.

Georgia’s #1 Poker Entertainment Company

Since April 20, 2004 the Atlanta Poker Club has been organizing, hosting and promoting free roll Texas Hold’em games at pubs and restaurants around northeast Georgia. We have never missed a scheduled event!  We are the premier poker club in Atlanta and our league structure is designed to bring the maximum number of people, ready to spend money, into your venue and keep them coming back week after week. Hire us and see how our successful poker club can turn your slowest nights into your busiest.

The APC has 10,000+ loyal members with a passion for poker!

With a huge player base & multiple events every day of the week, the APC is primed with players looking for venues to earn league points. We promote, organize and operate the events at your location and our goal is to bring in large numbers of hungry and thirsty patrons who compete in and enjoy playing in legal & free APC poker league tournaments. Click to find a list of locations to play poker in Atlanta with us!

You'll get a full house with the Atlanta Poker Club!

You’ll get a full house when you partner with the Atlanta Poker Club!

Contact Us To Get Started

Please call 678-650-8125 Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm. We will answer all of your questions and provide you with a venue packet which explains everything you need to know about hosting successful poker events. We look forward to being your poker company of choice in Atlanta and working together into the future. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanks and we’ll see you at the tables!

Jason, Brad, Erin and the entire Atlanta Poker Club team

p.s. – Don’t delay! Your areas, days & times may soon be taken.


Frequently Asked Questions for “Bar Poker”

Is my establishment (bar, pub, restaurant, hotel) a good fit for poker?

Most likely, yes. Ideally you will want to have enough room to fit 3-5 of our full size Texas Holdem Poker tables, which are 7.5 feet long and 3.5 feet wide. If you are unsure if your space will be appropriate, just contact our sales rep and we will take a look.

What makes the APC different than other companies offering poker services?

  • Proven track record of success, beginning in 2004
  • Structure designed to encourage player purchases
  • Large, active, loyal player base
  • Innovative league structure designed to offer maximum value to venues & players
  • Well trained, friendly and professional staff
  • Your wait staff will love APC players! Our players tip and take care of your team.

How long does a tournament usually take?

A standard tournament takes around 4 hours.

How do the prizes work?

We provide league-wide prizes available for all registered players to win. Above that, we encourage venues to provide prizes specific for the people who play at your venue. This includes nightly prizes like cash, bar cash, etc. and seasonal prizes that are awarded once every four months. We will work with you to promote any special prizes at your venue to our player base.

How will a typical Poker Night work?

  1. You provide the space, wait staff, food & drinks.
  2. We provide the poker equipment including poker table tops that sit on top of your existing tables.
  3. We provide a well trained Tournament Director who sets up, runs and breaks down the event

At least one hour before tournament start time, a trained APC tournament director will be on site to set up your poker tournament. At about the same time, players will begin to arrive to register and to play in the pre-game tournament. Make sure you have enough wait staff, as the players will arrive hungry & thirsty! Our staff then runs the event from start to finish. Breaks are taken an hour into the tourney where desserts and drinks are commonly ordered in mass by the players. Players who are knocked out early can play in the second chance tournament. And don’t worry, the friendly, well-trained APC Staff handles it all from setup to breakdown and will leave your place in the same condition as when we got there.

Do the players pay anything to play?

No. Players play 100% free in any and all Atlanta Poker Club events. You can not charge a cover charge or require a purchase of any kind.

  • There are no cash / value requirements for tournament entry.
  • Gambling is not allowed and will not be tolerated.
  • Players may never risk anything of value.
  • No cash on the poker tables.
  • Players are awarded poker league points, which have no $ value.

How can I help promote my poker events and make sure they are a success?

With our current member base, brand, and marketing plan, we are confident your tournaments will be a success. The most successful of our venues engage in their own marketing, make sure everyone who comes into your venue knows you offer poker tournaments.

  • Post flyers/APC sign in high traffic areas of your venue. Many beverage vendors are more than happy to produce banners advertising your poker night for you if you ask.
  • Pass out the new player invitation cards you can pass out to anyone who might be interested that invite them out to play and offer them a bonus chip for doing so.
  • Offer an exciting grand prize and offer it to your venue champion at the conclusion of the season that we will announce and promote for you across our entire league, letting everyone know why they should come play there.
  • Offer food specials to poker players. Perhaps coupons for a discount or a free side item if they come to eat on days other than poker nights.

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