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Spotlight on Venue Prizes

Updated December 6, 2021
APC Online
Total prizes based on # of players entered
APC Custom Engraved Silver Coins
Bench Warmers
$100 FREEROLL with *$20 2nd Place
$400; APC Custom Engraved Silver Coins
Brucey’s Sports Bar
0 -19 $25/$15 (1st, 2nd); 20 – 29 $50/$25/$10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd);30 – 39 $75/$40/$30/$25 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th);40+ $75/$40/$30/$20/$10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
$500 Venue Championship Prize | APC Silver Coin
Coach’s Corner
0-19 players *$25/$15 (1st,2nd); 20-29 players *$50/$25/$10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd); 30-39 players *$75/$40/$30/$25 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th); 40+ players *$75/$40/$30/$20/$10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) *Bar Cash
$500 Venue Championship Prize for NLH; APC Silver Coin $200 in Bar Cash for PLO; APC Silver Coin
Dillon’s Sports Bar
0-19 $50; 20-29 $100; 30-39 $150; 40-49 $200; 10% of prize for VC after 20 players
$600 NLH; APC Custom Engraved Silver Coin
Gino’s Blind Tiger
0-29/$50 cash ($10 to VC); 30-49/$100; 50-69/$200; 70-89/$300; 90-109/$400; 110+/$500; 20% of ALL prizes goes to VC prize
Guaranteed $800 Prize Pool & Silver Coin for No Limit Hold'em; POT LIMIT OMAHA Guaranteed $500 Prize Pool & Silver Coin
Keegan’s Public House
0-29/$50 cash; 30-49/$100cash
$100 + $25 Bar Cash; Silver Coins
Moonshiners Bar & Grill – Braselton
0-19 $50 Bar cash; 20-29 players $100 Freeroll; 30-39 $150 Freeroll; 40-49 $200 Freeroll; 10% of prize for VC after 20 players
10% of prize pool; APC Silver Coin
Moonshiners Bar & Grill – Grayson
0-19 $50; 20-29 players $100 Freeroll; 30-39 $150 Freeroll; 40-49 $200 Freeroll; 10% of prize for VC after 20 players
10% of prize pool; APC Silver Coin
Speakeasy at Latin Flavors Steakhouse
0-19 players $25/$15/$10 Bar cash; 20-29 players $100 Freeroll; 30-39 $150 Freeroll; 40+ $200 Freeroll; 10% of prize for VC
10% of Nightly Prizes for Season 51 = $260 Cash + $50 Gift Card; APC Silver Coin
Sportsline Bar & Grill
8-20 $40; 21-25 $65; 26-30 $90; 31-35 $115; 36-40 $140; 41-45 $165; 46-50 $190; 51-55 $240; 56+ $290; $10 each game towards VC prize.
Hold'em is $600+ $10 from every Hold 'em Game = $1,575 total prize; APC Custom Engraved Silver Coin PLO $200 + $10 from every PLO Game = $285 total prize; APC Custom Engraved Silver Coin
Thirsty Turtle Sportsbar & Grill
0-19 players $25/$15 (1st,2nd); 20-29 players $50/$25/$10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd); 30-39 players $75/$40/$30/$25 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th); 40+ players $75/$40/$30/$20/$10 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th)
$500 Venue Championship Prize; APC Custom Engraved Silver Coin
Tin Roof Cantina
Less than 30 players $50; $100 if 30+ players; 20% to VC prize; APC Chip
20% of weekly prize to top 3 Places & that is up to $1340; APC Custom Engraved Silver Coins
Vintage Billiards
0-20 $50; 21-30 $80; 31-40 $125; 41-50 $150; 51+ players $200; $10 of nightly prize for VC prize
$200 + $10 held from every game = Approximately $700; Silver Coins

More Atlanta Poker Club Prizes

The APC has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes since it's first event on April 20, 2004! Here's the list of prizes available to APC members today:

World Series of Poker Packages

WSOP It's the game every serious poker player dreams of playing in and now you have your chance. APC gives away many different WSOP packages every year ranging from $700 & $1500 buy-ins to $12,500 WSOP Main Event packages, which covers your buy-ins, travel, lodging and spending cash!

Venue Cash

Venue Cash with APC Every time there's a tournament, there's a chance to win venue cash. Trade in your venue cash dollar for dollar at the venue where you received it, any time in the future. Get venue cash for placing first or second at APC standard events, as set by the venue.

APC Silver Coins

APC Silver Coin APC Silver Coins are given to players who have earned them and are a target every APC member has their eye on. Win an APC silver coin and you're recognized as a threat at the table. That's why many members display their coins on the table as card guards, letting others know they know what they're doing at the poker table.

APC Tshirts, Hats, Hoodies, Zippos, Beer Mugs

APC Tshirt Beginning Sept 1, Atlanta Poker Club gear will be available online. Stay tuned for details about that. Not only will you be able to buy APC gear online, but you'll still be able to win and receive free gear, twice a year, during gear week. During those weeks the APC gives everything from from tshirts and hats to custom engraved zippos, beach towels, frisbees, beer mugs, coozies, key chains, coffee cups and more!

APC Custom Poker Chips

APC Custom Poker Chips Yes, we know it sucks to be the bubble (boy/girl), but it happens to the best of us. Every night the player who finishes on the bubble receives an APC Custom Poker Chip. An example would be if the prizes are $50 for first place and $15 for second at the venue, then the player who finishes third get's the APC custom poker chip. Having a few of the APC bubble chips is pretty cool, but having a lot might just give you a bubble reputation.

Friendships, Relationships and Memories

Friendships, Relationships, and Memories Who better to hang out with than other people who love poker and having a great time as much as you do. Hanging out with others who enjoy poker is a refreshing experience. Many friendships, marriages, life lasting relationships and memories have been fostered through out the APC for over 8 years. Join the fun and the build memories you'll never forget!

World Poker Tour Packages

WPT The World Poker Tour is another reason for the huge success of poker and the poker industry in general over the last decade. APC gives away $700 WPT Tournament packages every year!

Cold Hard Cash

Cold Hard Cash to be won with APC Who has enough cash? Not me and probably not you either. $777 in cash available every month. Qualify for the $777 Monthly and you too could compete for the cash! Also, win cash at different special events throughout the year.

APC Championship Bracelets

Win a WSOP package with the APC and you could one of the next to wear the coveted WSOP bracelet. But, you can also become an APC champion and become eligible to play in the Tournament of Champions. In the TOC, past APC champions compete until one emerges as the Champion of Champions title holder and a shiny new championship poker bracelet for your wrist.

Venue Prizes

APC Venue Prizes On top of what the APC gives away and on top of the venue cash given away every event, the venues will often have their own specific venue prizes to make playing poker at their establishment with the APC more attractive. An example of some venue prizes have been jet ski's, tv's, sports tickets and more. Check the venue pages for more information on venue prizes.


Earn your own APC Trophy The winner of Earn your own APC Trophyeach special event is awarded a personalized trophy, engraved with your name as champion, the name of the special event and the date. Over the years players have been rewarded a whole range and different assortment of trophies, but all had one thing in common and that was to signify that you are a champion! More trophy pictures coming soon.

Prestige and Bragging Rights

Prestige & Bragging Rights Being a member in tPrestige & Bragging Rightshe most competitive poker league in Georgia will surely test your poker skills against the top amateur poker players in the area. When you win with the APC it's a poker accomplishment that members can be proud of and signify they have arrived as a poker player. Many of our members have gone on to win WSOP, WPT and other highly regarded events.
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