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#1 Poker League In Georgia

The Atlanta Poker Club plays poker for points, prizes and prestige and is the first, best and most competitive poker league in Georgia. Members compete in FREE casino quality, Texas Hold ’em Poker Tournaments at bars, pubs & restaurants around Atlanta. Win cash, prizes & league points every day of the week. Points are tracked and those who qualify earn the chance to compete and WIN more CASH and PRIZES up for grabs in the special events & points races! So, come out & get lucky & play some good poker too! New players, of all skill levels, always welcome.

Guide To The Atlanta Poker Club League

You can learn everything you need to know about the APC League by looking through this page. It contains useful information, and links to information, about the Atlanta Poker Club and how the league operates. If you would like to view a specific topic, click a link in the jump menu.

News Blog

The APC News Blog is where you can stay up to date with all the latest news, promotions and happenings of the Atlanta Poker Club. New venues, player photos, recent events, venue updates, league announcements, time sensitive promotions, leaderboard changes, specials, player profiles, APC member info and so much more.

Extra Chips

You can receive extra playing chips at each venue in the following ways:

  • Deal and play
  • Bonus Tokens (if you buy food or drinks)
  • VIP Members
  • Bonus Coupons
  • Wearing APC Gear (Special promotions only)


Order all your Atlanta Poker Club men’s and women’s t-shirts and button downs online. Support the APC and walk around in style as you sport the exclusive APC gear. The APC also gives away gear throughout the year, including APC hats, APC poker chips, beer mugs, keychains, visors, beach towels, flying discs, coozies & more.


The APC has an advanced poker league management system that tracks the points you earn at APC poker league events. Visit the APC leaderboard to see where you rank against other Atlanta Poker Club Members. Do you have what it takes to be at the tip top of the most competitive free poker league in Atlanta? With multiple venues every night of the week there are plenty of opportunities to earn points and compete for the title of APC Champion.


The standard APC League memberships are free and when you join your points will then be tracked on the APC Leaderboard. You also become eligible to qualify for special events and points races. If you would like to further support the APC and receive added benefits for you and the league, then you can become a VIP member. Visit the link below to see all the details.

Points Races

The Point Races that occur throughout the year are a measuring stick and highly competitive. The players who finish in the top 20 of every standard event earns points that are tracked on the leaderboard. Winners are determined by pre-determined qualifications criteria and receive more prizes and prestige. Examples are the Monthly Points Race and the Venue Points Race. See our points races page for full details on the points races going on throughout the year, what it takes to qualify and what you can win.


Since it’s inception in 2004, the Atlanta Poker Club has given hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes! Prizes have included trip packages to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and Cherokee, Cash, APC Silver Coins, Flat Screen TV’s, IPOD’s, Championship Bracelets and even a Jet Ski! Join now to play and compete against other poker players for these awesome prizes and more.


We have promotions on a regular basis and we will continue to add more in the future. To see the promotions we’re currently running please visit the APC Promotions page for all the details.


The APC runs special events throughout the year and each has different criteria you must meet to to qualify. To see the special event and what it takes to qualify for the event on the APC qualifications page here:


Details: Learn how to play Texas Holdem including poker hand ranks, a section on general texas holdem rules and poker basics strategy articles to help you build and strengthen your game. Read through the information and you’ll gain a strong foundation from which to start from and it may just help you win the next Atlanta Poker Club league event you attend!


Seasons are four (4) months long, each culminating with a series of special events.

  • March 1 – June 30 = Summer Season
  • July 1 – Oct 31 = Fall Season
  • Nov 1 – Feb 28 = Winter Season

Special Events

We have special events all throughout the year. Here is the name of the special event and it’s main prize. Click the links below to see full prize details and how to qualify.

Daily Events

Our everyday regular events. Our standard events consist primarily of two types of poker. The most common event is a no-limit Texas Holdem tournament. The standard APC event. These are the freeze-out, single elimination no limit texas holdem tournaments. The second style of poker we play is Pot-Limit Omaha. This is called “APC PLO” and it plays the Omaha (four card) version of poker, which is the most common game outside of holdem in any poker room. You can learn the specifics how to play Omaha (PLO) or just come out and play to get started. Check the APC weekly schedule and any game listed in purple is designated as PLO.

Where To Play

See all the places you can play. Here is a map of locations to play poker in Atlanta with our league. Remember, it’s 100% free to play and new and novice players are always welcome! Our TD’s will show you how to play and teach you the basics. Plus our dedicated dealers will make sure you can just have fun playing cards and not worrying about messing up while shuffling or dealing! We play all over north Atlanta and growing across Georgia. Find a place to play in Atlanta, Loganville, Dacula, Lawrenceville, Grayson, Buford, Statham, and growing into Athens and surrounding areas. We play poker every night of the week!

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