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This page lists our different special events and how to qualify for them. Learn how to qualify for the different Atlanta Poker Club special events including:

How To Qualify For These APC Special Events

  • Tournament of Champions
  • Season Grand Championship
  • AllStars Tournament
  • PLO Invitational Tournament
  • Dealer Appreciation Tournament
  • $777 Monthly Tournament
  • Venue Championship

Tournament of Champions

  • Season Grand Champion
  • Season Points Champion
  • AllStars Champion
  • Yearly Champion
  • Yearly Points Champion
  • TOC Champion
  • Main Event Champion
  • Current Qualifiers List

Season Grand Championship

  • Top 50 in overall points for the season
  • Top 10 in any individual venue points race for the season
  • Win a Venue Championship Tournament

AllStars Tournament

  • 1st-2nd in any qualifying venue points race at the end of the season

PLO Invitational Tournament

  • Top 8 in any individual PLO venue points race for the season

Dealer Appreciation Tournament

$777 Monthly Tournament

  • 1st-60th in Monthly Points Race
  • 1st in Venue Monthly Points Race (points race resets every month)
  • Win a tournament on a specific day (That’s right, every week we will have one or two select days where anyone who wins at any tournament on that particular day instantly qualifies for the monthly! The schedule of instant qualifying days rotates and will be announced on the website event schedule, facebook page, twitter, the weekly email and the monthly printed newsletter)

Venue Championship Tournament

  • Top 10 in points for the venue
  • Venue specific qualifications (see our facebook group page and scroll to find your venue)
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