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Celebrate the Atlanta Poker Club's 20th Anniversary on Saturday, April 20th!
Happy 20th Anniversary!

Join us on April 20th – as we celebrate the APC’s 20th Anniversary at EVERY Venue!

On Saturday, 4/20
Each player will receive an instant 2000 bonus chip

  • The APC will be adding an additional $200 to every Venues nightly prize
  • Win the game on 4/20 and your name will be added to our Prize Wheel for a chance to win a $400 WSOP seat to Cherokee


  • Top 20 Bounty Details – $400 up for grabs!

The final 20 players will each receive one bounty token worth $20! When you eliminate a player, you will receive their bounty token. When you are eliminated, you will give that player only YOUR bounty token keeping any others you have won and turn those in to the TD to claim your prize(s).

Thank you for celebrating 20 years with the APC and good luck!

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