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Congratulations STEVE VILLAFOR! Out of the 343 players that qualified, 170 players came out to play! The APC $3,415 Grand Championship was held on Saturday, March 18th, at the American Legion in Duluth.

To qualify for the Season Grand Championship you had to finish:

  • Top 50 in overall points for the season
  • Top 10 in any individual venue points race for the season

Top 9:
9. Karen Brooks
8. Clay Thompson
7. Joseph Labiosa
6. Tom Waggoner
5. Fidel Sosa
4. Emory
3. Nicole
2. Imran Raza

and the Grand Champion Season 57 – STEVE VILLAFOR!

The Grand Champion will receive a $1700 WSOP seat + $250 travel + Rectangular APC Silver Coin

  • 2nd Place – $600 WSOP seat
  • 3rd Place Wins $400 WSOP seat
  • 4th Place Wins $240
  • 5th Place Wins $150
  • 6th Place Wins $75
  • 7th – 9th – APC Gear


    How did it feel to win the $3415 Grand Championship?
    To finally win the Grand Championship was very satisfying. After coming in 2nd and 3rd in both the Grand and the Allstars, to finally win an APC "major" event felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    How long have you played with the APC?
    I first moved to Atlanta in 2007 and tried all the different poker leagues available. It didn't take long for me to realize that APC was by far the fairest and best structured poker league that Atlanta had to offer.

    How often do you play?
    I try to get out and play at least once a week. But, between being a tournament director for APC 3 nights a week and a full time day job, finding the time and energy is hard sometimes.

    Do you have a favorite professional poker player?
    No, the game of poker has evolved so much over the past few decades and with the influx of young talent, it makes it almost impossible for me to chose any one player as a favorite. I do have much respect for all those who decide to play poker for a living. It takes alot of talent and countless hours of dedication to succeed in this career. It is a hard way to make an "easy living".

    Have you played in WSOP and/or WPT events, and if so, what is your strategy that may differ from your play at the APC?
    I have played a few WSOP events in both Cherokee and Las Vegas with some success. I have cashed multiple times and even came 25 players from winning a bracelet in the 2021 WSOP in Las Vegas. The main difference I noticed between WSOP events and APC events is that we, in APC, play at an excellerated turbo format. In bigger WSOP events you have more time to use poker stategy and pick your spots. When playing in WSOP events, other than getting good reads on your opponents, stack management and pot control would be the 2 main points I would stress to other players. Knowing how to use position and how many blinds you have at all times is very important. Never get "married" to any hand, even if it is pocket AA.

    What goals do you have left in the APC?
    After winning the Grand, the only other 2 goals I have is to win the Allstars and the Tournament of Champions. I guess this would be the "triple crown" of APC since we don't have the Main Event anymore.

    What is your advice for new players?
    My advice for new players is to use APC as a learning tool. Come out to APC events and learn the rules and format of tournament poker. Try to develop a strategy that works for you and implement that into your game. Everybody's game is different. But most of all have fun. Remember, poker is just a game.

    My advice to the more experienced players trying to get better is to get out of your "comfort zone". Try playing at different venues against other players that you are not used to. Find the venues that the "better" players in APC play and challenge yourself. APC does have alot of good players to offer. You might learn a thing or two.

    What do you think of your APC experience as a whole?
    I would rate my overall APC experience as being extremely positive. I have made alot of lifelong friends that share a common interest as myself. I would definitely recommend the Atlanta Poker Club to anyone, both novice and experienced, wanting to play poker in Atlanta.

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