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The Season 59 Fall 2023 $900 AllStars Tournament was held on Saturday, November 11th, at Gino’s Blind Tiger in Atlanta. To qualify for the prestigious AllStars Tournament you needed to be 1st or 2nd in points at any qualified Venue at the end of the season, Tuesday, October 31st, 2023. 95 players qualified and 50 played. It was tough competition as always!

The Top 9:
9. Roseann Burns
8. Greg Ward
7. Tommy W
6. Kevin W
5. Tony Berry
4. Matt Mazza
3. Duane Pritchett
2. John Davis

and the AllStars Champion – Season 59 – MICAH CONNOR!

CONGRATULATIONS to MICAH CONNOR and to all the AllStars!

Prizes won:

  • 1st Place wins AllStars Trophy + $400 WSOP seat + APC Engraved Silver Coin + Gear
  • 2nd Place wins $250 + APC Gear
  • 3rd Place wins $150 + APC Gear
  • 4th Place wins $100 + APC Gear
  • 5th – 9th Place wins APC Gear
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