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Iceberg is the APC Seasons Points Champion in Season 39 Fall 2016! She accumulated 12401.71 points and 14 wins. There were a total of 2901 players who made points in Season 39.

Congratulations Iceberg!


How long have you played Texas Hold'em?
I started in 2009 with APC.  I’d never played before.  I loved it right away! 

What is your secret to getting the most points in a season?
I changed my game and mind set.   Once I decided to dedicate the time to the challenge, I never looked back. I tightened up my range of hands drastically.  I didn’t call huge raises and if I wasn’t leading the action, I wasn’t in the hand.  Unless I was trapping a player, I was the one betting and raising.  I stopped bluffing for the most part (never starting a hand as a stone cold bluff). My goal was to be at every final table of every game I played.  By the end, my goal was top 5 of every game.

How have you changed your game since you started playing with the APC?
My game has changed a few times.  At first I played by the book trying to look for tells, monitoring everything and only playing top hands.  Then, I tried bluffing.  That was fun, but you don't last long overall.  Next, I opened my range, incorporated bluffing and got very aggressive.  This is my favorite play.  I am known for loving to bluff with 7, 2.  I thought, "Ok this is the worst hand. Well, I'm going to make it my pocket aces." If I can bluff you with 7, 2, my poker face is working. Now, I have a few tricks up my sleeve, I can change gears from beginning til end and switching it up as needed.  I know what it takes to win, BUT I also love to socialize. For me, APC is mostly a social thing and I really just want to have fun.

Was your goal when you started the season to have the most points?
Well, I was #1 from day one and never dropped the ball.  It wasn’t my goal on day one it just turned out that way.  Callie dared me to do it! She said, "you have the time why not?" I actually thought to not play just so I wouldn’t be tempted to go for it.  Then, I won a few more games and the rest is history.  I committed to it.  (I will never do it again! :)  

As you accumulated wins and amassed more points, was it easier or harder to win?
Once I set my mind to it, it was just a thing.  Play your best. Take account of your mistakes and do better next time.  When you play and can walk away from the table and say to yourself, "I didn’t mess up once", that was a successful night!  Winning comes with consistent solid play.  

Any advice for new players?
HAVE FUN!!  Don’t get mad when you get rivered and lose, it will happen many, many, many times.  HAVE FUN!! Oh, and read a poker book.  But don't be so serious! 

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