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If you have played with the APC prior to April 15th, 2011 (Black Friday for Online Poker) you know that we used to play a very fun, very entertaining and very competitive online poker tournament every Sunday night at Full Tilt.

Personally I really enjoyed playing in the game because it gave me a chance to take your chips play against APC’ers from all areas. It was a great way to end the weekend and the competition was pretty tough, as my championship coins can attest too (mini brag).

We have all been missing the online game.

I want to try it again at a fresh new US friendly online poker site. Americas Cardroom. You may have seen the AmericasCardroom.net commercials on TV lately if you have been watching any of the WSOP or WPT tournaments of late.

I will give the quick details about the league games below because our first one actually starts this Sunday evening (Aug 12th).

APC Online Game Details

  • Where: Hosted at Americascardroom.eu
  • When: Sundays 8:30pm (playing this Sunday!)
  • Where Is The Tournament? Click Tournaments > Private > APC Online League > Password: apc123

How to Deposit So You Can Play?

The short answer is use bitcoin or one of 60+ crypto currencies. Check out this bitcoin gambling guide so easy grandparents can use it.

Americas cardroom takes them all easily.

Common Questions About The Online Game

How can we legally play online poker?
While this is not legal advice, it has never been illegal to play online poker in Georgia. The UIGEA went after the payment processors who moved the money. Only in certain states, like Washington, is there state legislation that makes playing online poker illegal.

How Do We Get Paid
Americas Cardroom has led the complicated world of payment processing in payouts in 2012. It is well known that they have done the best at payment processing in 2012. They offer a debit card that is mailed to you. Your balance is added to the debit card and you can shop with it or take it to the ATM. Or they send you a check. Pretty sweet.

How Do We Deposit
Credit cards are the easiest and safest. If you want to go the pre-paid credit card you can do that as well, just get the ones that are set for international and online transactions (that is the tricky part, most pre-paid visa and mastercards are not international and online transaction approved).

About The Online Game
In order to convince the online poker network to set up these tournaments, they require that they not be freerolls. Free rolls cause all sorts of problems for the host site, and for the APC itself as anyone who see’s a freeroll listed in the tournament list starts googling about the freeroll and trying to find the password. Inevitably someone finds the password(s) and we end up with people who are not really APC’ers playing in our private tournaments. For these reasons, there is a $5.00 + .50 entry into the tourney. The prize pool is distributed just like they would any other prize pool. 100% payouts like normal, the APC does not keep any of the money. Do not play if you are not 100% comfortable losing the money you initially deposit to create your account.

Do Points / Awards / Qualifications Count?
Yes, just like any other venue.

How Do I play
It is easy to play.

Step 1: Create Your Account Here
Step 2: Fund your account (credit cards work fast and easy)
Step 3: Register For The Tournament – Click on Tournaments > Private > APC Online League > Password: apc123
Step 4: Be Online Sunday Nights at 8:30pm

It’s that easy! I look forward to taking your chips playing against you online again this Sunday! You can also see our APC Online Game Venue Listing.

I’ll see you all at the virtual tables!

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