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Atlanta Poker Club VisorDecember is Gear Month! Get in Gear…APC Gear that is…wear it to any Atlanta Poker Club regular event in the Month of December and get 1,000 Extra in Chips!

Wear an APC hat, visor, shirt, hoodie, scarf, APC mask or jacket and 1,000 bonus chips are yours! Even if you are draped head to toe in gear and you look sensational, you will still receive 1,000 in chips!

We’ve had great ingenuity in the past but you can’t carry in a koozie or wear it on your hand as that is not considered APC Gear. APC written on your forehead is not eligible, and please no one show your underwear with APC in magic marker or God forbid your hidden APC tattoos! Chips strung together to make a necklace are also not acceptable even though your ingenuity is once again appreciated.

Some Tournament Directors will have Gear with them for sale. You can also place an order and have it sent to your favorite venue! And, CLICK HERE to take a look at all the colors and styles to get your own!

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